Proform Carbon EL Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Discover immersive training with an iFIT membership on the Carbon EL elliptical. Engage in a whole new workout experience as you stream workouts led by personal trainers. These workouts will take you all around the world, automatically controlling your elliptical’s resistance to give you a dynamic, hands-free workout. Power up your workout with 18 digital resistance levels on the Carbon EL. During your workouts, your trainer will automatically adjust your machine’s resistance to match the workout so you can focus on your training. Or, if you’d like to switch up your training, you can override all of that with the push of a button. Add a layer of intensity to your training and target different muscle groups. Choose from 5 incline ramp positions up to 20 degrees to add difficulty to your workout and activate different muscles with each workout. We know finding the space for a home gym can be difficult, so we designed a storage solution to help maximize your space. We’ve built the Carbon EL with transport wheels so you can roll your elliptical into any corner of your home between workouts.

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