VersaClimber PVP Portable VersaPulley

    The Portable VersaPulley is a light weight, strength/power machine using VersaClimber patented MV2 resistance technology providing responsive concentric, eccentric, plyometric resistance causing explosive maximum rate of force development and deceleration loading required for all multi directional sports.

    The Portable VersaPulley is an inertial flywheel-training device that is used is many different applications such as by universities, therapists, and trainers to prepare their athletes for the highest levels of competition. What differentiates the VersaPulley from its competitors is it’s ability to perform exercises in both a horizontal and vertical application. What this this allows is its users to train at any load, speed, and in any plane within an infinite amount of exercise variation. In most team sports and especially in hockey, players are required to repeatedly perform short, explosive, efforts such as accelerations and decelerations during changes of direction. The capacity to dissipate the forces during abrupt deceleration (breaking ability) is critical to injury prevention, while the ability to decelerate and accelerate in a short period of time (reactive strength) is paramount to enhanced performance. The VersaPulley is designed to create those moments of eccentric overload, allowing the athlete to be exposed to these stresses in a non-impact, concentrically driven and eccentrically overloaded environment. VersaPulley accomplishes this using its patented MV2 technology – resistance-generating rotating inertial flywheel. The PVP Portable VersaPulley picks up where traditional gravity-based weights, chains, bands, air-powered machines stop. While all of these methods are important to the training, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletes, these methods offer mostly constant concentric and eccentric load in exercises emphasizing vertical actions. They rarely encompass horizontal/lateral actions offering eccentric overload – which is exactly why the VersaPulley was developed.

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