FirstDegree Pacific Plus Rower

Don’t be deceived by the Pacific Plus Indoor Rower’s compact size, this recreational rower packs a big pop with its 4 x Fluid Resistance Technology and realistic on-water stroke profile. Constructed from the finest steel and aluminium, the Pacific Plus Indoor Rower has a slender frame that underpins a smooth and durable slide on the leg drive.

Fluid Resistant Technology offers users 15% greater resistance than standard FDF horizontal models, emulating the natural catch and feel of authentic on-water rowing and assuring no dead spots throughout each stroke. A double-sealed, precision aligned tank shell prevents water egress, and our bright yellow plastic moulded impellers allow for maximum water capture visual appeal.

The Pacific Plus Indoor Rower creates a total body, high calorie-burning workout by activating the upper and lower core muscle groups simultaneously. This leanly robust indoor rower includes all of the right design ergonomics to start you off with a gold-standard rowing technique.

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