Bodfycraft Platinum FBT

    Built for the person who wants the very best! Unlike a standard Smith machine, the Jones Platinum offers patented technology which provides the ability to move forward, backward, up, and down and with our patented Active Balance Bar, the Jones Platinum offers the user a true barbell experience.
    Hooks and safety spotters travel with you
    Natural lift off and re-rack
    Patented Active Balance Bar for a truer barbell experience.
    5 different lockout positions for traditional Smith Machine exercises
    Includes Dual Multi-grip Chin-Up Bar
    Add the optional Full Body Trainer to turbocharge the Jones Platinum into the most comprehensive strength training device ever created by adding a completely different functional training experience. The FBT allows the user to do functional training exercises, progressive functional training exercises and sports specific training in addition to hundreds of exercises the Jones Platinum already offers.

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