Life Fitness 95Ce Stepper Stair-Climber

This Life Fitness stepper, the Life Fitness 95SE is among the top commercial stair-steppers on the market today and is loaded with features and plenty of user-friendly attributes. Utilizing the IsoTrack Climbing System for the smoothest workout, the 95Se would be an attractive addition to any gym or home fitness area. Simple and sturdy, you’ll keep track of your progress with the 95SE’s E-3 Integrated LCD System that responds to a touch of your finger. The LCD™ System plays FM-radio, and you can choose from 125 available TV channels, so you won’t get bored on the Life Fitness 95SE. The Life Fitness 95SE stepper keeps ergonomics front of mind, too: comfortably positioned handlebars provide extra support and keep you in a proper, upright position. Monitor your heart rate with the Lifepulse digital hand sensors, or choose wireless Polar telemetry technology. Whatever you choose, the 95SE stepper will respond to your demands and put you on the path toward achieving your fitness goals.

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