Landice E9 Pro Sport Trainer Elliptimill Elliptical

The Perfect Training Solution. With a footprint 20% smaller than other ellipticals on the market, the E9 is one of the most economically designed exercise units available. It takes up less space while providing the closest replication to running outside without the impact on the joints and knees. Its stride length can be adjusted from 17” to 23” to accommodate to multiple user needs. Designed for the most demanding commercial applications, but built to accommodate all fitness levels, the E9 ElliptiMillTM is the perfect training solution. Our patented Rollmentum center-drive replicates the body’s natural motion. Adjust the stride between 17 and 23 inches. Orthopedic “gel” footpads provide optimal comfort and relieve foot fatigue. An integrated rear step reduces step-up height to 7″, the lowest of any elliptical. The integrated side-frame footrests with non-skid surfaces allow for isolated upper-body workouts. Moving handrails feature molded contoured finger grips. The High-Tech Entertainment Center comes standard on the E9 ElliptiMill. Included is an integrated reading/accessory rack; iPhone, iPod or MP3 connectivity with Landice PodGrip; a personal cooling fan; high-powered stereo speakers; and a convenient water bottle holder. An advanced algorithm calculates your metabolic-equivalent speed based on your effort level and pedal speed. For example, if you can exercise at a metabolic-equivalent speed of 12 MPH on an ElliptiMill, you are capable of running 12 MPH outside. The Landice E9 ElliptiMill comes standard with a contact heart rate bar to give you feedback on how your body is affected by your workout.

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