Octane Q47X Elliptical Cross-Trainer

The Octane Q47x Elliptical Cross Trainer is a top of the line elliptical bringing health club quality right to your home. The Octane Q47x has been created with the same quality and performance standards that Octane Fitness has built its reputation on. The Octane X series ellipticals are some of the most technologically advanced ellipticals, designed to mimic the motions of the human body to create a comfortable yet challenging workout. The leg motion of the Q47x elliptical is meant to replicate the natural running motion, while the handles are designed to keep your upper body activated with a wide motion range that is both comfortable and challenging. The fluid motion of the Q47x elliptical is meant to reduce stress on joints and the lower back, while offering a full body workout. The Octane Q47x Elliptical uses SmartStride technology, exclusive to Octane Fitness. This features automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate the body ergonomics of walking, jogging and running. By replicating the natural fluid motions of the human body, the Q47x elliptical reduces stress on joints and the lower back. The Q47 adjustable stride length is from 18″ – 26″, creating a comfortable fit for any user. The Octane Q47x Elliptical console accommodates your iPad with two placement options for easy accessibility and convenience. The large display screen simultaneously displays all your workout data. This console also uses the exclusive Octane SmartLight technology.

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