SteelFlex PT10 Treadmill

The Steelflex PT10 Treadmill is designed for full commercial use, with safety needs in mind. It is stylish, highly efficient and eco-friendly. It’s server motor can save up to 40% energy consumption compared to traditional powered treadmills, and it is 98% recyclable.

Its ‘reverse’ function can help rehab users with training in ‘side’ and ‘backward’ walking. The long handrail design provides the complete user protection.

Console feedback: elevation, heart rate, time, calories, avg speed, distance, pace
Classic…cardio/fat burn/interval
Training…gerkin/usb/custom design (3)
Heart Rate Control
No slip side panels
Large cooling fan with 2 speeds
Reverse function with belt speed up to 3 MPH
Specially designed cushion-grip side handrails running the full length of the treadmill
Three Selectable Speed Modes: Walk, Jog and Running modes
Magazine rack with two water bottle holding areas, storage area for towel and personal items (keys, phone, iPod, etc.)
Heart rate: contact & wireless
Stop key and button
Cool down button
Quick speed button
Quick elevation button
Quick start button
C-Safe & USB ports

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