VersaClimber TS Verticle Climber

The TS model of the commercial VersaClimber comes equipped with a built-in WiFi / Bluetooth touch screen for countless workout programming options and metrics tracking. The tablet-based console is intuitive enough for a beginner to use, but advanced enough to meet the demands of the most tech-savvy athlete.

Available here as a stand-alone or wall-mount unit*, the precision-engineered VersaClimber has found wide use in physical therapy clinics, military bases, and the training rooms of leading college and pro sports teams. The hand-welded steel design functions like two traditional cardio machines in one—combining a lower body stepper and an upper body climber, with a pushing/pulling action that keeps the arms above the heart and over your head (optimal for good circulation and long-lasting cardio results). The TS VersaClimber also delivers functional training with zero impact, reduced injury risk, and no need for annoying safety belts. Users can often burn more calories in less time than most ellipticals / treadmills / etc., while getting a more complete full body workout.

Offering a wide-ranging step and arm height of 1″ to 20”, the TS VersaClimber is great for short steps of 4-6″, speed sprinting as fast as you can with no top end limitations, and full body stretching. Also adaptable to users with short, medium, and long strides.

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